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Teachers for a Competitive Tomorrow-Baccalaureate is a grant offered through the U.S. Department of Education to encourage the growth of high quality science teachers in high needs high schools. Mississippi State is one of five universities in the nation that has been awarded this grant. Thanks to the united committement of two colleges, the College of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences and the departments of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences and Physics, MSU seeks to encourage the development of highly qualified competitive science teachers in Mississippi through the "Creative Research-Based Science Teachers for a Competitive Tomorrow" program.

Dr. Hamil Dr. Burnette Hamil,
Principal Investigator
, Secondary Education

Dr. Hamil's research in secondary science education focuses upon teacher shortage and teacher education issues, particularly as they affect the state of Mississippi.


Dr. Beard
Dr. Debbie Beard, Co-PI, Chemistry
Dr. Beard's research focuses on the three-dimensional conformation of a series of tachykinin peptides
using NMR spectroscopic techniques and computational chemistry (molecular mechanics) techniques.
Dr. Chevalier
Dr. David Chevalier, Co-PI, Biology
Biology research focuses on the molecular mechanism of regulation of the cell-to-cell signaling mechanism in plants. Dr. Chevalier uses Arabidopsis Thaliana as a model system.
Dr. Clary
Dr. Renee Clary, Co-PI, Geosciences
Opportunities for student research in geosciences include projects in geochemistry, paleontology, and informal geoscience education outreach through the Dunn-Seiler Museum. The paleontology projects focus on the Cretaceous invertebrate fauna in northeastern Mississippi.
Dr. Dunne
Dr. James Dunne, Co-PI, Physics
Dr. Dunne's research is funded by the Department of Energy's Nuclear Physics Directorate. The research activties follow three major areas of study: simileptonic probes of the hadronic neutral current, charm production, and measurements of the spin-structure of the proton and neutron.
Dr. Svein Saebo
Dr. Svein Saebo, Co-PI, Chemistry
Dr. Saebo's students do computational chemistry research. One of Dr. Saebo's projects involves the study of cyclic ketene acetals (CKAs) containing -O, O-, -O,S-, -S,S, -O,N-,-N,S-, and -N,N- analogs.

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